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Steady Sales Success


This morning, we posted our airplane orders and deliveries from September on as we wrapped up the third quarter. While most folks will focus on the monthly and year-to-date numbers and ask how we compared to Airbus – very well – I think there’s a fact that speaks more to our steady sales success so far this year.

First, the results: Our team won 50 net orders last month, including nine additional 787-9 Dreamliners for United Airlines, 10 737 MAX airplanes for Air Peace in Nigeria and 14 more MAXs for unidentified customers.

This takes our net order total to 631 through the end of September, more than double our competition’s total of 256. Our lead is even bigger when it comes to the widebody segment. We surpassed 100 Dreamliner orders last month, exceeding our total for all of 2017. In all, we have won 183 net widebody orders so far – including 104 787s and 27 777s – which equates to a 75-percent market share or more than three times that of our competition.

Now, what I think you might find interesting is the path that we have taken to 631 net orders this year. Rather than big sales spikes, followed by deep droughts, our order activity has been very steady. Consider our order totals for the first three quarters: 221, 239, and 171.

Our Commercial Sales & Marketing leader, my boss, Ihssane Mounir talks about driving forward in a linear fashion, always staying attuned to the customer and ensuring that we’re providing them the best airplane value and customer support. With this approach, it’s not about selling for an air show or making a last-minute deal at the end of year.

It’s about serving the customer year-round and providing innovation and enhanced capabilities in every stage of an airplane’s lifecycle. And that’s what our Sales & Marketing teams have been doing, consistently sharing the unrivaled performance and inspired design of our airplanes and the operational improvements that come from the services solutions offered by Boeing Global Services.

As I have shared before, a sales campaign can stretch out over months, if not years. It is tough to judge our sales success based on the results of a quarter or even a half.  And we defer to our customers and their preferred timing to place an order, so there are bound to be some swings here and there. That said, I would say that 221, 239, 171 reflect our steady and focused approach.

Speaking of our customers, they say it best. Here are a few of our valued customers from the third quarter…

“This new order aligns with our strategic policy of reducing operating costs by operating a standardized fleet. We are confident that the 737 MAX 10 will offer significant competitive advantages for GOL and enable us to continue to modernize with new aircraft. This airplane will allow us to continue lowering the cost of air travel across Brazil, as well as support a larger network, allowing us to add new destinations,” said Paulo Kakinoff, Chief Executive Officer of GOL.


“We are pleased to be the first in the country (China) to utilize Optimized Maintenance Program’s ability to use data to tailor a maintenance program specific to our needs,” said Zhao Dong, president and CEO, Xiamen Airlines. “This program allows our airline to benefit from innovation and smart technology to enhance our performance, maintain safety and best serve our customers.”


“I am delighted to be further enhancing our cargo fleet and adding five Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft,” said Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker. “In the past 15 years, Qatar Airways Cargo has grown steadily and globally, becoming the third largest in the world. We could not have achieved this success without our resilient relationship with Boeing.”


A big thank you to our valued customers for their business. Their trust and confidence in Boeing products and Boeing people mean the world to us.

One comment on “Steady Sales Success

  • John Hinestrosa
    October 11, 2018 | 9:44 am

    I’m an ATC and working with Boeing aircrafts are excellent due to its performance in all phases of flight compared with the boring and ralentized behavior of Airbus!!

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