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Rollout in Renton


This has been a huge week for the 737 MAX program. Flight testing wrapped up on the MAX 8, we gave you a first look at the proposed MAX 10X, and today— the first MAX 9 rolled out of the paint hangar in Renton.

Thousands of employees gathered to mark the milestone. The airplane will now go through system checks, fueling and engine runs before starting its own round of flight testing.

The MAX 9 is scheduled to enter service in 2018. To see more on how this airplane enhances our MAX family, check out this webpage.

2 comment on “Rollout in Renton

  • James Baloun
    January 9, 2018 | 7:00 am

    Hello Randy,

    The new blog format is fantastic. I hope this means you will be writing new posts about what Boeing is up to. The large photos are an excellent showcase for the aircraft, inside and out.
    I usually fly locally so the majority of my experience is on the 737. I am wondering if the increased overhead storage bins, also known as the Space Bins, introduce in 2015 are starting to become more common in operations? I expect I will know it when I see it and will be able to stow a standard carry-on in the vertical orientation. I am sure Boeing is designing all new aircraft with similar increased bin space. If you can find room on a 737 you can certainly find room on larger aircraft.

    • Randy Tinseth
      January 9, 2018 | 12:29 pm

      Thanks for the question on our Space Bins. I agree, it is a fantastic new feature. So far, more than 30 airline customers have added the Space Bins option to their new 737s – totaling nearly 400 airplanes. We’ve also sold 240 retrofit sets of Space Bins to aftermarket customers. For those who haven’t seen how the bins work, check out this link:

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