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Putting the 787 on the map


The folks at Boeing Test & Evaluation have really outdone themselves this time. After coming up with a creative flight plan that basically painted a huge 747 over the U.S. last August, the team decided the Dreamliner should get its own “etch a sketch”.

During a flight that started Thursday afternoon and ended this morning at 8:45am Seattle time, they not only drew a 787 on the map — they also added a Boeing logo!

Image from Flight Aware.

This wasn’t a joy ride. It was an 18 hour Maximum ETOPS (Extended Operations) Duration flight test for a 787-8 with GE engines. Our team coordinated with the many air traffic control centers, choosing the routing to avoid restricted airspace. In the end, the flight covered over 9,000 nautical miles— all of it captured by our friends at Flight Aware.

Congratulations to the team on a successful flight test, and for giving all of us aviation geeks something to smile about.

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