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Best aircraft types


As you may know, the 747 was the focus of my previous role here at Boeing. So I know it’s a pretty special airplane. And now the readers of Global Travelerhave cast their votes in favor of the Queen of the Skies as the “best” aircraft type.

These “well-traveled readers” made their choices known on a variety of “bests.”

Chosen best airline in the world, for example: Singapore Airlines. Best airline for international first class: Emirates. Best airline for domestic first class: American Airlines. Best airline for business class: British Airways.

You can check out the entire survey here. There’s a lot of interesting material there. But for me, the most significant result is in the selection of the top-10 best aircraft types. It’s the first year that Global Traveler has asked readers to vote on the airplanes they fly.

Of the top-10 aircraft named as “best” by GT readers, the Boeing 747 and 777 were the number 1 and 2 choices, respectively.

The Dreamliner-inspired interior for the 747-8 Intercontinental graces the cover of Global Traveler’s “The Best in Travel” edition.

The 747, the magazine writes, “continues to lend itself well to the redesigned cabins imposed on it as airlines upgrade their offerings.”

The 767 ranked as 4th best, with the 757737, and MD-80 rounding out the 6th through 8th spots. As the magazine puts it, “Boeing dominated the list.”

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